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About Emerald Valley Artisans

The task of gathering photos and information for this website sure took me on a journey down memory lane. As I sifted through boxes filled with old pictures I found myself transformed to another time. Even though I recognized it as my life I was greatly impacted by the flood of memories long forgotten. I saw my past in a different light and realized how much of what I do today is written in those photos. Nowhere is that more clear than with the poster you see here. “We need each other Let’s Get Together” was the theme for the very first Town & Country Day. Sponsored by the Washington County Dairy Promotion Committee this first ever invitation for the general public to spend the day on a real, working farm was hosted by my family. I remember that day; thousands of people visited and experienced the culmination of countless of hours of work on the part of dozens of volunteers. There were tours, demonstrations, food, games, hayrides, entertainment and more. All of this was done with the intention of exchanging information and bringing the farm and non- farm communities closer to each other. This event was a showcase for sustainability but not just as it applies to farming practices. Sustainability goes much further than the field or the barn. True sustainability is a philosophy that everyone involved in the system is sustained; that’s you (the consumer for instance) and me (the producer), and everyone else involved along the way.

But what does any of this have to do with artisan cheese? Well, we do more than sell you cheese, we sell you an experience.  As agricultural ambassadors we want you to understand where your food came from and know a bit more about those who are responsible for bringing this product to market. For that moment you are closer to your food source than you have ever been. When you choose to invest and make a purchase you are taking that moment with you to your home so that you can continue the experience. We want you to know who is feeding you and your family. We Need Each Other….Let’s Get Together is as true today as it was in 1975. It demonstrates that we have always known the significance of working together to create a sustainable food production system.

Best regards,

Alisa Fava Fasnacht

Meet Our Artisans

Alan Fasnacht

Every successful team has someone who functions as an anchor. Often that is a “behind the scene” person who painstakingly performs the more mundane but oh-so necessary tasks that makes everything function smoothly. For Emerald Valley that person is Alan. He is our hay seeker, barn cleaner, manure spreader, road builder, equipment maintenance, get the cattle to the hoof trimmer and yes to the county fair guy. From the lawn to the barn to the pasture and back Alan takes care of those not so glamorous jobs that make the Emerald Valley Girls shine!

But when the weekend comes and the work is done you better have a cold Iron City ready and tune in those Steelers!

Alisa Fava-Fasnacht

I was styling even back then! Gotta love that cute dress and what about the hat?! Now we know where my obsession with hats started. While I spend most of my time dressed in my “barn clothes” I am a fashionista at heart. Can a girl ever have too many boots, hats and the outfits to go with them? I think not! When I am not working I love great meals (especially my mom’s) around the table with family, spending time with my best friend Becky, watching the Pens chase the Stanley Cup and running off to Cabo San Lucas with the love of my life, my husband Alan!

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I often joke that I have spent my whole life with my head stuck under a cow. But really, there is a fair amount of truth to that. I am most comfortable when I am milking and spending time in the barn with the cows. That’s explains why despite running from the camera as I typically do I love this picture; in part perhaps because I am hiding behind my sunglasses but mostly because I am surrounded by some of my heroes.

Racquelle Rockwell

If this doesn’t convince you to buy cheese from Racquelle, we don’t know what will!  Sales Manager at Emerald Valley Artisans by day, mother of Gabriella and Rogan by night.  In her spare time, Racquelle is the Leader for The Udder Bunch 4-H Group, and likes to ride horses!

Danielle Dwan

Hailing from Southern California, Danielle’s sunny personality is sure to brighten your day! Danielle received her training through the Court of Master Sommelier and has extensive experience in fine dining establishments and wineries across the country. As an experienced Sommelier, she has refined her abilities to pair cheese with a variety of artisan products including wine, beer, spirits and teas. When she’s not checking out a new local winery, or trying out an adventurous pairing, you can find her tending to her garden, practicing yoga or frolicking through the forest!

Eric Rockwell

Don’t let this cute smile and innocent face fool you!  When Eric is not managing inventory or making deliveries for Emerald Valley Artisans, he is either building log homes and barns or hunting wild game!  Eric feels differently about that bunny now…

Roxanne Wray

Roxanne grew up on the concrete blocks of Washington, PA. As a teenager, she wrote a letter to herself describing how she would someday live on a farm, with her husband, and their Siberian Husky. In 2013, a majority of this vision became a reality when she and her husband, David, bought a home in Scenery Hill beside the Emerald Valley Farm. She had to trade her imaginary Husky in for a real Collie (Mitsu) that helps to corral the cows back into their fields when they escape. When she is not practicing her counseling skills, she can be found pretending to be a forest fairy at a local dance studio and chasing after her one year old son, Ashton. She does find time to stroll down the hill to the farm to complete the duties of an administrative assistant and of course, sample delicious cheeses!

Terri Packard

From the looks of this throwback photo Terri has been organizing and directing from an early age. Let’s face it Dad and Grandpap didn’t stand a chance here!

When she’s not re-writing the dairy cattle breeding history books with her phenomenal success breeding and developing world class Jersey’s (Terri’s South Mountain prefix is known world wide!) she is putting her classic stamp on developing new brands. For Emerald Valley Artisans there was no better choice as to who should help brand our image. A marketing force to be reckoned with Terri’s attention to detail makes her stand out in a cluttered world. Perhaps all those lists she makes has something to so with her magical powers!

But no matter where she is, be it the barn in her work boots or rocking a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s while she’s shopping in New York City her eye for what makes things beautiful is undeniable!