Sun-Dried Tomato

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Sun-Dried Tomato


Product Description

This is the “Big Mac Daddy” of flavor experiences and our most popular variety.  Organic sundried tomatoes and a hint of garlic merge with the Fromage Blanc to create a sensational taste experience!

Food – Serve it on a penne pasta!

Drinks – 

Try this on tossed pasta!  6-8 ounces of Sun-Dried Tomato with Garlic Fromage Blanc will cover one pound of pasta.  Drain your pasta saving one cup of the hot pasta water.  Toss the fromage through the pasta.  Use the hot pasta water to thin the cheese to your liking.  Use only as much water needed to achieve the desired consistency.  Top with some grated parmesan or Romano and serve.  Wow your guests with an “over – the – top” presentation by placing this colorful pasta creation in a Tuscan style pasta bowl with a few basil leaves.

Dare to experiment!  Try using this fromage blanc on an Italian Muffaletta.  Taking a loaf of fresh Italian bread remove the top of the bread horizontally.  Remove a small amount of the bread to make room for the meats.  Spread a thin layer of this fromage blanc inside the loaf and on the top that you removed.  Fill the loaf with Italian ham, hot or sweet sopressata, capicola and prosciutto.  Shred some Emerald Valley Artisans Old World Style Aged Mozzarella or Smoked Mozzarella and apply a thin layer of a green olive tapenade.  Place the top of the bread back onto the loaf.  Wrap the loaf in aluminum foil and bake on 400 until warm.  Remove from the oven.  Unwrap and remove the top of the bread, and shredded lettuce and chopped fresh tomatoes.  Replace the top, slice and enjoy!

Other favorites include: flat bread or focaccia, crackers, fruit and veggies.

Shipping Options

Free Local Delivery is available within 35 miles of downtown Pittsburgh on orders over $150. You can also make arrangements to pick up your order at our farm in Scenery Hill, PA or our facility in Republic, PA.

In order to protect the integrity of our cheeses, there may be an additional $12 charge when shipping to warmer regions of the country.


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