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Since the inception of our website my opening statement focused on everyday decisions. I spoke of how we went about making those decisions.....the influences, information and history that shaped them. Nowhere has this been more evident than our decision to expand Emerald Valley Artisans. A move to a new cheese making facility and an even newer collaboration with the Pennland Artisan Marketplace marks the beginning of a new era. The decision evolved from what we learned about the business and ourselves over the past 10 years: Business is challenging regardless of what type of business you run; Progress is never a straight line, it is three steps forward and two steps back; Expect the unexpected because it is going to happen; and two heads are better than one and three or more may necessary to get the job done. With these lessons in hand, the decision to expand and collaborate was obvious.

We are pleased and honored to be a part of the PENNLAND ARTISAN MARKETPLACE. This is a new vision of how value added products can be introduced to the consumer. It moves you closer to your food source offering you an opportunity to directly know the individual farmer(s) that are responsibly producing your food. And it confronts the challenge of getting farm to table products onto more tables by addressing factors that can limit supply. There are many farmers whose self imposed demands exceed industry standards for quality. The partnership between EMERALD VALLEY ARTISANS and the PENNLAND ARTISAN MARLETPLACE is the first step in shaping a different future for everyone involved in the value added system of food production.

Please continue to visit our website and follow us on Facebook to learn more about this exciting initiative. We also invite you to learn more about PENNLAND ARTISAN MARKETPLACE by following them on Facebook at PennlandArtisanMarketplace or visit them at www.pennlandartisanmarketplace.com.


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Emerald Valley Artisans


October 17th, 2014

  This list is ever growing, please check back soon for updated locations that feature Emerald Valley Artisans.   BACKYARD GARDENS MARKET Phone: 724.329.0454 15 Sherman Street Ohiopyle, PA


September 7th, 2014

Emerald Valley Artisans offerings are appearing as featured item on menus at select restaurants throughout the Pittsburgh, PA and Hagerstown, Maryland areas. Please check back frequent


July 30th, 2014

Join us every Thursday in the parking lot of the Westminster Church in beautiful Upper St Clair, PA for this diverse market featuring the very best in local fruits, vegetables, breads, bakery, hot foo