Cows, Cheese & Tradition…

My husband Alan and I grew up as multi-generational farm kids where tradition plays an important role in our lives. I believe it was no accident that Alan and I met but rather part of a bigger plan the universe holds. We both share a great passion for the land and an even greater love for the animals that live there, especially the cows. This led us to start our own herd, Emerald Valley Holsteins & Jerseys, in 1996.

Different Types of Cheese Products

Our foray into cheese making is the continuation of the great tradition established by our families and is our way to honor the people, cows and land whose influence is unforgettable.

Aged Cheese / Gift Boxes / Cheese Spreads

Meet our Artisans

Like many in the late 1800’s Giuseppe and Italina Fava were immigrants leaving everything behind for a chance to make a new life. The dairy farm my great grandfather and his father worked on in Italy was rented. As the only son it was decided that he would travel to America, the land of opportunity, to seek employment. The money he earned would be used to purchase the farm and he would return to work alongside his father. Funny thing about plans…..they have a way of changing.